Cash registers and EET

Cash registers and EET

Mates works with virtual cash registers that record all financial operations. Cash registers print all relevant documents: cash receipts (with VAT summaries), school receipts with a recapitulation of all lessons, rental contracts for rentals, tickets to activities and documents for general deposits and withdrawals.

Cash book

Each monetary transaction has its traceable record in the cash book: order payments, surcharges, overpayments, cancellations, wage payments to instructors. Mates thus forms an invariable log of financial transactions across the entire ski school and rental shops.


Cashouts are created with sales revenue. It is thus clear what the revenue came from and what can no longer be changed.

Forms of payment, currency

Mates enables you to define different payments forms (cash, card, transfer, etc.). At the same time, it allows you to operate in a two currency mode (CZK and EUR or completely different) and with fixed price lists to avoid rounding errors.


Mates is fully compliant with Czech EET tax system legislative demands.

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