Mates is software for:

Ski school + sports equipment rental + sales processes + loyalty program + salaries + online reservation sheet + application for instructors + online reservations for clients + check-in terminal

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Mates is software created for ski schools and sports equipment rental shops.
Mates covers all the essential agendas in a single system running on the cloud. Therefore, Mates can interconnect all your branches and allows you to access them remotely.

You will simplify the everyday operation and improve the quality of your ski school and rental shop services. Save your time, gain the loyalty of your customers, and focus on important things – on your clients, your team, and the company growth.

Ski school

Private and group lessons without unnecessary mix-ups

Plan private and group lessons with a clear and intuitive planning chart. You will be able to sell lessons within a few seconds and make a reservation three months in advance. So you can quickly ensure lessons for your ski school clients without unnecessary mishaps.

Link your branches

Share information on the current instructor workload across all branches of the school. Sell learning effectively and expand your sales opportunities by engaging new outlets and online bookings.

Effective communication between the office, instructors and clients

Send instructors e-mails and text messages with information about the lessons, or to clients with a recapitulation of orders. Make a one-click calculation of instructor wage payments. Mates will provide essential communication between the school office and individual instructors for you. With Mates, you get remote supervision of the operation of the ski school and a high level of mobility.

Ski school software

Sports equipment rental shop

Support for multiple warehouses, inventory monitoring

Mates watches inventory across multiple warehouses. It can transfer items between warehouses, suspend or discard them from the records. Mates monitors the inventory piece by piece (e.g., skis) or the total quantity per group (e.g., poles).

Quick service, sets, swaps

The entering of items on Mates orders is sped up through bar codes, registration numbers, shortcuts, or fast scanning. It will print out a rental agreement for each rental. Mates can combine the rented items into sets and offer them for a sale price. You can replace the items on the issued rental without having to cancel the order.

Comprehensive price-lists

Mates prices are automatically calculated based on the length of the rental - for days or hours. When changing the duration of the rental, the difference is calculated. Price lists can be entered by a step-by-step variable table, where the price with the length of the rental gradually changes and rounds off in various ways.

Software for rental shop

What’s the added value?

  • Large ski schools and rental shops will increase their operational efficiency either in a single resort or within multiple ski resorts.
  • Mates facilitates growth and development for small teams in one office.
  • Simplify the hard beginnings for new ski schools and rental shops
  • Helps to better handle the surges during peak hours and days of the season
  • Saves salary-related costs to eliminate needless mistakes and improves the quality of your services
  • User support, methodical consultations, and technical support are included in the Mates service pack
  • All-in-one solution – ski school, rental shop, sales, services, clients, instructors, salary, SMS gateway, extra modules – in one system
  • Custom-build development for specific and innovative implementations – e.g., integration of loyalty cards, central e-shops, etc.
  • Helps to create fungibility of key employees, allows for remote access to the system
  • Gathers and creates data reports of turnover, costs, and expenses, maintaining or the popularity of given goods, the workload of branches, employee efficiency.

Where is Mates used?

Ski school and rental shop Klínovec
Skiresort Live
Yellow Point
Ski resort Malá Úpa
Ski school Monínec
Intersport Rent Monínec
Skiresort Buková hora

Let’s arrange a meeting. We will visit you and show you everything about Mates in full detail, discuss the specifics of your operation, and demonstrate proven implementations of the service on illustrative case studies. That’s the most effective way to make a solid opinion on the Mates software.

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