Mates will connect the branches of your ski school and individual points of sale. This enables selling and booking lessons from multiple locations at once. It simplifies communication between the office and instructors. It speeds up client check-in. It ensures that the staff make no mistakes.

It automates routine tasks - calculates wage payments, revenue, instruction statistics. Mates will remember everything about your clients and instructors. It will help you introduce a loyalty program for your clients. It makes selling school, rental and piece goods on one document possible.

Mates automatically sends clients an e-mail with a recapitulation of the order and plans the lessons for instructors. Mates monitors warehouse stock, works as a cash register and is prepared for EET.

Ski school

Private and group lessons without unnecessary mix-ups

Plan private and group lessons with a clear and intuitive planning chart. You will be able to sell lessons within a few seconds and make a reservation three months in advance. So you can quickly ensure lessons for your ski school clients without unnecessary mishaps.

Link your branches

Share information on the current instructor workload across all branches of the school. Sell learning effectively and expand your sales opportunities by engaging new outlets and online bookings.

Effective communication between the office, instructors and clients

Send instructors e-mails and text messages with information about the lessons, or to clients with a recapitulation of orders. Make a one-click calculation of instructor wage payments. Mates will provide key communication between the school office and individual instructors for you. With Mates, you get remote supervision of the operation of the ski school and a high level of mobility.

Sport equipment rental shop

Support for multiple warehouses, inventory monitoring

Mates watches inventory across multiple warehouses. It is able to transfer items between warehouses, suspend or discard them from the records. Mates monitors the inventory piece by piece (e.g. skis) or the total quantity per group (e.g. poles).

Quick service, sets, swaps

The entering of items on Mates orders is sped up through bar codes, registration numbers, quick selection or quick scanning. It will print out a rental agreement for each rental. Mates can combine the rented items into sets and offer them for a sale price. You can simply replace the items on the issued rental without having to cancel the order.

Comprehensive price lists

Mates prices are automatically calculated based on the length of the rental - for days or hours. When changing the duration of the rental, the difference is calculated. Price lists can be entered by a step-by-step variable table, where the price with the length of the rental gradually changes and rounds off in various ways.

Online interface for instructors

You will gain a tool for effective and personalized communication between the ski school's office and its instructors. Through a web application, the instructors look at their lessons’ schedule, report their availability, and review their wage payments. And it does not burden the office at all. On the contrary, it will lighten its load considerably! Provide your team with top-notch facilities.

Lesson schedule

Instructors will immediately see all their lessons in the system a day ahead and five days back. For each lesson, they will see in detail when the training will take place, where the meeting point is, who the client is, how advanced the client is and whether it is skiing, snowboarding, or a kid’s school.

Planning availability

Instructors enter information about their availability. The ski school's office does not have to call up individual instructors, again saving time. You will have the instructor availability in one overview table.

Overview of wage payments

Instructors can see their wage payments. So, they have an overview and control over what their remuneration will be. They thus control the running of the school office, and office workers are also not unnecessarily burdened on their account.

Cash registers and EET

Cash registers

Mates works with virtual cash registers that record all financial operations. Cash registers print all important documents: cash receipts (with VAT summaries), school receipts with a recapitulation of all lessons, rental contracts for rentals, tickets to activities and documents for general deposits and withdrawals.

Cash book

Each monetary transaction has its traceable record in the cash book: order payments, surcharges, overpayments, cancellations, wage payments to instructors ... Mates thus forms an invariable log of financial transactions across the entire ski school and rental shops.


Cashouts are created with sales revenue. It is thus clear what the revenue came from and what can no longer be changed.

Forms of payment, currency

Mates enables you to define different forms of payments (cash, card, transfer...). At the same time, it allows you to operate in a two currency mode (CZK and EUR or completely different) and with fixed price lists to avoid rounding errors.


Mates will support EET from the third wave (1 March 2018).

Client database

A well-built client database of contacts is a valuable resource for further marketing activities as well as smooth day-to-day operations. Mates will help you with that.

Information about clients

Mates will allow you to store basic identification data about clients, contacts, but also a document number, age or nationality.

Quick search

Searching among existing clients is quick and easy. Mates searches by name, surname, phone number and customer identification number.

Order history

For each client, you will see the history of their orders, their overall credit, what kind of lessons he / she has completed and what he / she has borrowed in the rental shop, including, for example, shoe size.

Loyalty program

Build a loyalty program for your clients and motivate them to increase their loyalty. Recognize those who come back to you and pamper them.

Client's credit worthiness

With each closed order, Mates calculates the client's credit worthiness - how much he/she has spent and how many orders were realized.

Client groups

Mates can categorize clients into groups that you can use when segmenting your customer base. You can either assign the client groups manually, or let Mates do this on the basis of the rules you specify, based on the number and value of the orders made.

Discounts according to creditworthiness

Based on the creditworthiness of the client and his/her discount group, Mates automatically applies pre-set discounts. For example a client who spends at least 10,000 CZK gets a 5% discount at the rental shop and 7% at the ski school. VIP clients who spend over 100 thousand crowns receive a 15% discount on everything.

Simply in the cloud

All safely in a cloud environment. Immediate synchronization. No data on local computers. All you need is a web browser and Internet access.

Data in the cloud

Mates runs in a cloud environment. There is no need to install anything complex, but the main thing is that it’s not necessary to buy a corporate server and look after it. It is often necessary to hire an IT person to manage the server itself. With Mates, there’s no need for this.

High mobility

To run Mates, you only need a web browser and Internet access, which gives you great mobility and flexibility. Work in the office during the day, check out the latest changes from home in the evenings, and when you're on the road, you'll learn what's going on in your school over your mobile phone or tablet.

Immediate synchronization

All changes are instantly stored on the central servers and projected to other colleagues who work with Mates. That means they can share orders, the chart with the plan of lessons or new clients, whether they are in one office or on opposite ends of the premises.

Remote control

Mates will give you a complete insight into what's happening at your ski school, even if you're not physically there.

Check-in terminál

Speed up the client check-in process, get their contact details, and have them agree to the general terms and conditions. Everything simply through an application in the colors and graphics of your school.

Collection of contact information

Mates offers a web application for the independent registration of clients: a so-called check-in terminal. This can be started, for example, on a tablet or PC in the premises where clients are waiting for check-in. While clients are waiting in the queue, they enter their name, surname and basic contact information. By the time the client’s turn comes, his/her contacts will already be available in Mates. This will speed up client clearance at the branch and you will have complete and accurate contact and identification information about your clients.

Individual settings and appearance

We will set up the check-in terminal in your school graphics. The first contact with your school simply has to make a positive impression.

Agreement with the GTC, compatibility with GDPR

At the same time, by entering their contact information, the client will also demonstrably (and traceably) agree with the general terms and conditions. This step covers your back not only from the perspective of the forthcoming GDPR legislation.

Safety and availability

Authentication and authorization

Each user has a unique login and password. In addition, it is possible to set the level of authorization in Mates for each user, concerning which agendas they can work with and which ones they can’t.

Encrypted communication

All communication between you and Mates is encrypted with digital certificates that are used, for example, in accessing Internet banking.

Backup and emergency plan

Data is backed up several times a day. In case of an unexpected, major accident, the data will be available in the backup datacenter tens of kilometers away.

Hi-end data center

Mates is run in the best data center, which is widely available. Servers, databases, and other system components run on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure.


From the initial consultation and methodical implementation suggestions and your team training, to answering continuous queries or dealing with non-standard situations, you can rely on Mates's technical and user support.

Staff training before launching

Before launching Mates in your school, we train the office staff. The training will take place directly at your school office.

Training materials

When a new member comes to the team or someone forgets how to work with Mates's agenda, a set of instruction manuals and training materials are always available.

E-mail support

Mate's support responds to queries on all topics: from consultations and methodical advice to technical issues, for example, when a printer is acting up.

VIP Support by phone

You will have VIP support over the phone for free for the first two months with Mates.