Software for sports equipment rental shops

Mates is software for:

  • Rental shops joined with ski schools
  • Rental shops in both mountain and country ski resorts
  • City ski centres

Mates is a software for management of rentals of the ski, snowboard and other sports equipment. Thanks to uncomplicated interface, you can easily create overviews of all present rentals and past orders.

You only pay for what you order – no useless functions.

Your employees will appreciate simplified controls, and your customer will profit from the quickening of the whole rental process.

Key benefits

Quick check-in

  • Thanks to hands-on barcode and ID card readers, the whole rental process is accelerated to satisfy your customers

Perfectly in control

  • You can easily display all the present orders and rentals underway, included late returns
  • Mates will quickly show you a complete history of rentals and well-arranged visual plan of goods return
  • Materials for stocktaking are visualized in an uncluttered transparent way

Complete statistics

  • Practical mapping of the most popular and most often rented goods
  • Calculations of the average time of individual rentals
  • Summary of the rental frequency or rental length for selected equipment
  • Clear overview and calculations of costs and profits

Simple, Intuitive, Effective

Rental overview

In the overview module, Mates will show you all rentals in one clear table. Colors are used to distinguish between late, ongoing, and newly created items of the rental. In the overview, you can search for what you need thanks to predefined filters (active, rented, late) or via customer name, order number or identification number – barcode – of the rented equipment. Creating a new order or a return of rental is one click away.

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Don’t waste your time

Quick order assignment

Create a new rental order quickly and simply by scanning singular barcodes of the goods. Mates will find the equipment from the rental shop’s storage database and automatically adds them to the new order.

You don’t have to fill in the equipment rent agreement – Mates will prepare the materials for print.

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Put the calculator aside

Automatic price calculation

The price of the rental is easily calculated in Mates with the use of defined tariff rules. Enter the length of the rental in hours or days, or put in the date and the time for the beginning and the end of the rental – Mates will count the length and the price automatically. The date of the rental can be changed individually for each item or all of them at once. Besides, you can list the prices in two currencies, e.g., in CZK and EUR.

4 hours = half a day, 8 hours = 1 day. Not all the tools can figure it out.

Hourly and daily pricelists

Pricelists in Mates allow you to enter the price for individual goods for hourly or daily tariffs according to the length of the rental. The important this is that you can easily alter the prices. You can configure the rule to identify 6 hours as a whole day. Mates will then make sure always to sell 6-hour periods as a whole day rental.

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Where is Mates used?

Ski school and rental shop Klínovec
Skiresort Live
Yellow Point
Ski resort Malá Úpa
Ski school Monínec
Intersport Rent Monínec
Skicentrum Tábor

What can no rental shop go without? Equipment sets. Correct.

Equipment sets

Mates software allows the rental shop to define rules, based on which you can later create equipment sets of rented goods. In the ski equipment set, there must be ski combined with shoes, variably also with ski poles or a helmet. The price is then not charged individually for each item, but the whole set based on the rental length. You can create one or more sets consecutively or all at once.

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0 to 100 km/h in 2,8 seconds

Barcode readers

Barcode readers will rapidly accelerate the rental check-in and check-out in the shop. If you feel that the procedures need to be quicker, it won’t do without the barcode readers. Scanning the label will put the item into the newly created order. When returning, you can scan the label of customer’s equipment to find the existing order right away.

We are ready to help you with the barcode readers and identification labels implementation. Our proven partners, who are specialists in the field of automated and machine identification, are to take care of you. They know Mates software very well to be able to offer you a solution that will perfectly fit your business.

Get to know your clients

Client database

The proper and full-fledged client database is essential for the rental shop operation. You always need to know the name, nationality, and ID card number of your customer to create an order. Rewriting all the important data is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Therefore, once you add your client to the database, it is important to be able to find the data promptly – regardless of whether you search with the name, email, telephone number or the ID card number. Mates will help you do just that.

Mates is collecting the history of rental orders and customer value for each of your customers, and it evaluates his quality class. You can use it to find the right shoe size or to offer him premium services.

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Quick, precise, professional.

ID card readers

The swift and elegant scanning of your customer’s ID card or passport with the ID card reads will allow you to upload his personal information into Mates software to create a new order. You will not waste your time with rewriting the data and save yourself awkward mispronouncing of your customers’ names. Your equipment rent agreements will be 100% correct, and you will also speed up the time of the check-in and check-out. You will have the image of professionally managed services right away. And don’t forget – it is not legal to keep your customers’ ID cards copies.

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Clients can check-in themselves


Check-in terminal is a standalone application connected to your Mates configuration. Check-in terminal can be accessed from your clients’ web browser on the phone while they’re waiting in the queue or at the comfort of their hotel suites through the laptops and tablets. They can easily complete their personal information and data needed for the equipment rent agreement creation through the check-in terminal. They can also agree to the terms and conditions of providing the service and personal information storage. Every new registration created through the check-in terminal is visible in the system in seconds, and you can match the profile with the customer’s new order.

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In respect to GDPR, is it necessary to tell your customer which of his personal information you collect and store, for how long and whether you plan to use them further. You must prove that your client is familiar with the agreement and when he agreed. You must also delete his personal information in case he requests it. Mates gives you all the tools you need to fulfill your GDPR prescribed duties.

If there’s something wrong, you need to know.

Late returns

All the late returns are visible with one click through the predefined filter in the rental shop overview. You can quickly start with corrective actions. When your customer returns the equipment after the deadline, the price is automatically recalculated according to the tariff. The staff doesn’t need to count anything, and Mates will ask them to solve the unpaid balance with the customer.

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Quick returns

Same as with the check-in of the rentals, the returning must be swift. The rented equipment is easily found with scanning any label on the goods. Mates will automatically find the whole order and will allow the staff to return all the rented equipment. It is both possible to return everything at once or to do it in parts. The important thing is, the return process can be dealt with via simply scanning the barcodes.

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Connecting branches

Mates allows your staff to sell to multiple customers at the same time on one branch, as well as at multiple locations. You can transfer the goods between selected storehouses and remotely control the operation of multiple shops. With this, you can offer your clients the possibility to rent the equipment in one place and return elsewhere.

One for all, all for one.

The rental shop, ski school, sales and services in one system

You don’t need to have three check-out counters, four separated client databases, and five different storage records. Unification is our strongest power. Mates can fully cover the needs of sports equipment rental shop, ski school and connect it with sales of goods and services. This is all unified in one check-out counter system and linked to the client database in one interface for your staff to work with.


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Mates as a complex service

Mates is not just software. Mates is offered as a complex service. We have been providing our services to ski schools and sports equipment rental shops since 2002, and we know our way around the progressive changes and popular trends, which allows us to develop towards new challenges.

With using Mates, you will also have consultations at your disposal, technical and staff support on call.

The network of specialised hardware contractors

We had experienced a lot of mishaps with unreliable providers, and we are more than happy to offer you a network of time-proven dependable suppliers of specialized HW, such as ID card reads, barcode readers or label and ticket printers.

Let’s arrange a meeting. We will visit you and show you everything about Mates in full detail, discuss the specifics of your operation, and demonstrate proven implementations of the service on illustrative case studies. That’s the most effective way to make a solid opinion on the Mates software.

Arrange a meeting